Make a Difference Campaign

Africa is the second largest continent in the world blessed with many natural resources, beautiful, exotic land and seascapes and a rich cultural heritage.
However, Africa is also known as the poorest continent in the world and the home to millions of dying children living without the hope to see the glory of a new dawn. These children are exposed to the ill effects of malnutrition, diseases, war and trafficking to mention but a few. Reports show that:

One in eight African babies (about 3.1 million infants) is born underweight each year.

About 120 000 African children participate in armed conflicts, some as young as seven years old.

Nearly two million children under 14 years are HIV positive.

There are an estimated 80million African child workers forced into slavery, prostitution, drug trade and other criminal activities.


The figures are staggering and the fact still remains that African children have the worst chances of survival in the world!

This is where we come in.

An Ethopian proverb says “when spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion”.
Together, we can exorcise the unfavourable conditions our children are forced to live in. We have the ability to turn these facts around. We can make a difference in the lives of these young ones.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE AFRICA campaign is the first key initiative of the Inspire Africa foundation focused on inspiring the African child. It aims to support and make the world a better place for our children. Its belief is that we can achieve a lot if we work together and it is born from the fact that Africa has so much to offer. The key activities and events within the “make a difference campaign” include:

1. Benefit concerts
2. Sponsored walks for Africa
3. The publishing of a collection of 100 inspirational stories from Africa
4. The publishing of a collection of children's books
5. Donate a dollar and support an African child fund

Imagine a world filled with happy, well catered for and educated children. Think how far a little participation from every one of us, big and small, can go. Imagine the smiles on the faces of our children, the glow in their eyes and the laughter we could put in their voices. The little we do can cause a major difference in their lives. After all, the children are the future of our tomorrow.


As part of the Make A Difference campaign launched by the Inspire Africa foundation, a number of benefit concerts will be organized and held throughout the year 2008 and 2009 in four proposed locations in Africa and around the world. These benefit concerts will be an avenue to:

Raise funds for the underprivileged children in Africa

Create an atmosphere for every music lover to participate in our “Make a Difference Africa” campaign

Provide first class entertainment for our guests

Africa is a continent that appreciates music and these concerts will be designed to form a major source of attraction intended to inspire and entertain. These benefit concerts are going to be held in fulfilment of our campaign objectives to support the African children through the sales of gate tickets to our guests.

We will put a call out to all famous artistes of African and non African descents to partner with us on performing at these benefit concerts which promise to be lively and entertaining. They will be organised to be mind blowing with lots of fun and excitement and guests will get the opportunity to watch live performances from well known international and local artistes.

We each have a responsibility towards our fellow African. As African's greatest humanitarian, Kofi Annan rightly said, “WE ALL HAVE AN UNPRECENDENTED AMOUNT OF POWER TO SOLVE PROBLEMS, SAVE LIVES AND HELP OUR PEOPLE”.
These children are our children. It is our duty to join forces and make Africa a better place for our children.


One of the major events of the Make a Difference Africa campaign organised by the Inspire Africa Foundation is the sponsored walks for Africa that will be held in select locations like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and London. The aim of these walks is to help inspire/support an African child through the funds raised during these walks. The funds will be used to help millions of helpless and hopeless African children live a better life. We will appeal to people, big and small, to join in these walks and support our goal. It will also be a lovely time to spend with friends, family and colleagues. Bear in mind that millions of other people around the world will also be walking with you at different locations for the same cause.

Why you have to be a part of this cause:

You will be assisting this project to put a smile on the face of an African child by your contribution either through sponsorship or through the funds raised from the purchase of the merchandise that will be sold during the walks

Walking is an enjoyable form of exercise

You will also get the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends!

Remember that your contribution will go a long way in helping the underprivileged children of Africa. Your support is very important to us.

Specified dates and venue will be announced in the coming weeks/months.


To celebrate the launch of the Inspire Africa Foundation Project, Inspire Africa will publish a collection of 100 inspirational stories from Africa to be made available for sale in book stores worldwide. The funds raised through the sales will be channelled into the Make A Difference Africa campaign to inspire and support an African child.

Our continent needs a platform and an anchor through which our untold stories of success and achievement can be told and heard to encourage us as a continent, motivate us into action, educate, inform and guide our decision making,

enabling us to celebrate our successes and most importantly to make us proud of our heritage individually and collectively. It is time to portray the Africa never seen by many and it is our joint responsibility as Africans to portray a view that showcases our victories, our achievements, our successes and even our challenges.

Therefore, through the Make A Difference Africa campaign organised by the Inspire Africa foundation we will invite Africans from within and outside Africa by direct mail and through our website to participate in forwarding stories to us along the following lines:

Are you an inspiration to others? If yes, how?
Has someone inspired you? If yes, who and how?
Do you know someone that has achieved against the odds? If yes, who and how?
Do you know of an ordinary person doing extraordinary things? If yes, who and how?
Do you have a story to share to enable us celebrate and reward success? If yes, what is your story?

A distinguished panel adhering to strict guidelines and criteria will assess eligibility for selection of appropriate stories for the publication of a collection of 100 inspirational stories from Africa or their suitability as guests on Moments with Mo, Africa's biggest talk show aired to a pan African audience. Participants will be invited to tell their story in approximately 3000 words to be sent to by email to, by or before 31st August 2008.


Oral tradition in Africa is as old as Africa itself. For centuries, African stories have been told and retold to generations such that these stories now form a part of our everyday teachings on morality and ethics. However, they still remain oral traditions and if these stories are not documented for posterity's sake, they will gradually fade off.

What then will we leave for our children?

This is why our make a difference campaign is collating a collection of children's books with African themes so that our children and others around the world will have the opportunity to share in these African folktales.

As accustomed as our children are to the fairy tales outside Africa, there is the need for them to hear our folklores that are so rich in teaching lessons applicable to every aspect of life. We believe that we have much to offer the world and this special collection of children's books will be available for sale throughout the world. Not only are these books entertaining, there are also educative and will help our children understand the principles guiding their world.
The funds raised through the sale of these books will be channelled into the make a difference campaign to inspire/support our African children. We will appeal to everybody both of African and non African descent to support us by the purchase of these books as this will go a long way in the realization of our goal.

We are all part of this tradition. We have to keep it for as long as Africa is.


The Make A Difference Africa campaign launched by the Inspire Africa foundation has set up a fund channelled towards inspiring and supporting African children. The idea is for everyone in and outside Africa to give as little as a dollar or its equivalent to support this project. Imagine what a little amount as one dollar can do. Then imagine if the whole of Africa can unite and donate a dollar each! This will go a very long way in the achievement of this goal. Our belief is that the little things in life can make a whole lot of difference and can change the destinies of many.

We therefore use this medium to challenge every one earning to give as little as a dollar ($1 or its equivalent in your local currency) or more towards this project. We owe it to Africa to give back to the society and to help build her up. There is no better way to do this than to support her children who are the leaders of our tomorrow.

If you would like to make a donation, please send us an email to or cal 0703 7806082

As the saying goes: little drops of water make a mighty ocean - your donation, no matter how little is a step forward to the much we can do together to make life better for our African children.

Every dollar counts!