First For Africa

In many ways Inspire Africa is a first for the entire African world. It’s all about creating credible media driven platforms through which we can engage ourselves and the rest of the world as Africans. Inspire Africa is a purpose built vehicle by which Africans and the rest of the world will come to appreciate our culture and our achievements and to know and understand us as a people.

Our chosen platforms for engagement will include television, radio, publishing, merchandising, events, leisure and entertainment. However, our dramatic anchor project is the Moments with Mo.

    Inspire Africa Message  
Showcase the Greatness of Africa

Emphasize the new contemporary Africa

Highlight the life and accomplishments of well known but
sometimes undiscovered Africans

Provide an elaborate and well deserved “pat on the back” for
  the individuals among us who define the future of Africa



To put ourselves in the absolutely best light and extol all of the

Maskela, Dí Banj , Tuface and a host of others. Indeed, I gather she caught a big fish in her net when she interviewed former First Lady of the US and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton during her visit to Nigeria this week.
From where I am sitting, as much as some sisters may not want to hear this, Mo Abudu, has truly done what many others have not achieved in this area. What really got me was when I saw the advert on MNet where our very own Mo was being advertised alongside Tyra and Oprah, as a Nigerian. It made me feel proud that we could develop our media and TV production to this level.
So when I read the article in Next ... more


things that are good about us in order to inspire others
Impel a “yes I can” attitude
A rallying point where we recall our beauty, wisdom and tenacity
A place where we are challenged to be who we are as individuals, as nations and as a continent
Celebrating the “Inspire Africa Individual”