The Inspire Africa Brand
  The Starting Point

Who are we?
We are Africa’s first edutainment company

Why are we better?
We are creating credible media driven platforms through which we can engage Africa and the rest of the world
We are extolling all the good in Africa in order to inspire others to achieve and excel
We will help to define the future of Africa and make the impossible possible

Our Brand Values-Summary

  • Inspiration
  • African
  • Leadership
  • Creativity

Our Brand Values


“We have the foresight and commitment to guide Africa into the future through credible media driven platforms"

  • Building a new Africa, the Africa of the future.
  • Re positioning Africa to the world.
  • Inspiring Africans to achieve and excel.
  • Creating a sense of pride and prestige for Africa and Africans.
  • Creating a world class talk show from Africa.


We are built on a solid heritage, our African Heritage.

  • We are who we are because of our African Heritage.
  • We are the true voice of Africa, showcasing the real Africa to the rest of the world.
  • We connect with Africans wherever they may be.


We are focused on inspiring Africa and Africans for the future.

  • Inspiring and empowering the people and communities of Africa.
  • Creating brighter futures, for everyone whose life we touch.
  • Perpetually optimistic on Africa.


We are committed to showcasing Africa, her people and her achievements in the most creative and innovative way.

  • Doing things differently.
  • Bringing to the fore the different side of Africa.
  • Our innovation and creativity will always exceed expectations.

Our Brand Personality

  1. African
  2. Caring
  3. Original
  4. Passionate
  5. Vibrant
  6. Credible
  7. Responsible

Our Brand Essence

Brand essence is the soul of our brand which is


  • By way we portray Africa
  • By the way we use our media driven platforms
  • By the way we connect with Africa
  • By the way we make our viewers feel

Some Rules of Inspiration

  • We lead, we don’t follow.
  • We challenge assumptions.
  • We build on ideas to make better ideas.
  • We have unique insights on Africa - we look at Africa in a new way.
  • We take advantage of the unexpected.
  • We recognize showcase and reward individual achievements.
  • We make real investments to inspire our viewers lives.