What is Inspire Africa?
  It is with great pleasure, eagerness, excitement that Mo launches the Inspire Africa project.

In many ways Inspire Africa is a first for the entire African world. It’s all about creating credible media driven platforms through which we can engage ourselves and the rest of the world as Africans. Inspire Africa is a purpose built vehicle by which Africans and the rest of the world will come to appreciate our culture and our achievements and to know and understand us as a people.

Mo has realized that the ultimate task facing us as a continent is to build world class personas and brands, to “showcase” our own achievements in a global setting and economy. Our challenge is to credibly debunk the tendency of the western media that portrays us as the Dark Continent which exemplifies Disease, Despair, Destruction, Disaster, Destitution and Deceit.

Mo’s chosen platforms for engagement will include television, radio, publishing, merchandising, events, leisure and entertainment. However, her dramatic anchor project will be the Moments with Mo.