Inspire Africa Awards

Inspire Africa is proud to host the Inspire Africa award ceremony to honour the extraordinary accomplishments of ordinary African people.

In many ways Inspire Africa is a first for the entire African world. It's all about creating credible media driven platforms through which we can engage ourselves and the rest of the world as Africans. Inspire Africa is a purpose built vehicle by which Africans and the rest of the world will come to appreciate our culture and our achievements and to know and understand us as a people.

We have realized that the ultimate task facing us as a continent is to build world class personas and brands to “showcase” our own achievements in a global setting and economy. Our challenge is to credibly debunk the tendency of the western media that portrays us as the Dark Continent which exemplifies Disease, Despair, Destruction, Disaster, Destitution and Deceit.

Our chosen platforms for engagement include television, radio, publishing, merchandising, events, leisure and entertainment. However, one of our anchor projects is the Inspire Africa Awards that will be held every year from 2009.

The Inspire African Awards will highlight the life and accomplishments of a usually well known but sometimes obscure African individual who by his or her own tenacity and determination has accomplished something, overcome something or been a catalyst for something that makes him or her, a role model to others.

It is critical to the success of our continent that we showcase role models, demonstrate possibilities in a realistic setting. Honouring the achievements of these role models will inspire and encourage millions who will see them across the African continent and beyond.

The Inspire Africa Awards will provide an elaborate and well deserved “pat on the back” for the individuals among us who define the future of Africa. As Africans, we should put ourselves in the absolutely best light and extol all of the things that are good about us in order to inspire others to achieve and excel.

The Inspire Africa Awards will be a rallying point where Africans recall the beauty, wisdom, the tenacity and patience and ultimately, the accomplishments of our people, a place where we are challenged to be who we are as individuals, as nations and as a continent. But most of all we will celebrate the “Inspire Africa Individual”.

A panel of judges will be set up to determine the most deserving awardees of African and others of non African descent based on the following criteria:

Ordinary people who have done extraordinary things and achieved against all odds

People recognised for their notable achievements

People that have demonstrated integrity and high moral values

People dedicated to community service

Change agents within Africa

Modern day heroes in Africa

Panel members will not be allowed to vote for their employees or family members.

We urge everyone to send in nominations to our email address THE DEADLINE FOR THE RECEIPT OF ENTRIES IS DECEMBER 31st 2008.

The celebration of the “Inspire Africa Individual” is a far overdue tribute to you and me. It is up to you to give that tribute to whom it is due!

I end with a quotation from Nelson Mandela and he says that “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same”.

Help us Inspire Africa!

Mo Abudu